07 Aug 2016, 17:25

About me 👔


A short little briefing about me.

My Name is Matthias ‘Smartis’ Weingaertner and since 2007 i’m a graduated and professional Software Developer in the .net Environment.

There are a lot of things i’m interested in and i’m ready to learn a lot of new stuff.

So i decided to create this blog to help me understand things better and to discuss with you people about certain topics.

I’m also a hobby game-dev, so from time to time will there be a post about this.


Currently i’m not interested at any professional Job Applications.

Why you ask?

Because right now, i work at a great place.

Strong exchange of experiences , a nice team and good money.

If this situation will change someday, i will update this page.


I’m more or less active at following platforms on the web.

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